The 11 Best Breakfast Spots in Charlotte

Starting off your day with a good and wholesome breakfast is the way to go. Most of the time, we are so busy rushing in the morning that we don’t have the time to prepare breakfast or take something quick on the go. But we’ve choosen some great breakfast spots to check out in Charlotte, that you don’t want to miss.

There’s no better way to spend few minutes of your morning than eating at one of the 11 best breakfast spots in Charlotte, especially on the weekends. Let’s explore them below:

1. Roots Café

This café is one of the most charming breakfast cafés you can find in South End, Charlotte. It is perfectly tucked away from the noise and hustle of Main Street.

The café’s décor is vintage and lush, with amazing chandeliers lighting the quaint space. They boast of a menu packed with classic dishes with a unique twist and balance of unique flavors.

Why we like it: Their Hot Honey and Ham are served on a fluffy and tasty buttermilk biscuit with salty country ham, spicy honey, and sharp cheddar.

2. The LittleSpoon

The LittleSpoon is an eatery that offers a unique and fresh addition to the already fantastic Charlotte breakfast scene. It’s a southern breakfast eatery radiating west coast vibes with a California twist – a beautiful and unique local hot spot.

As you walk in, you’re welcomed with some old school R&B and hip hop vibrating the brick-lined walls. They take pride in their tasty menu rotated every day since they source all their ingredients locally. So, yeah, you’re getting fresh meals.

Why we like it: The eatery’s atmosphere is quaint with Edison bulbs, piped ceilings, and barstools.

3. Easy Like Sunday

Their menu is created to be almost as intimate as the atmosphere, and it is intentionally designed with global-inspired, all-American dishes with locally sourced ingredients.

Among the 11 best breakfast spots in Charlotte, Easy Like Sunday offers some of the best cocktails and coffees. One of their top orders is their Ricotta Stuffed French Toast coupled with homemade ricotta, sprinkled with crispy bacon for a finish. Oh, and berry compote is added too!

Why we like it: They offer “Chocolate for Breakfast,” which is made by an artistic combination of dark chocolate liquor, vodka, vanilla, and Irish cream!

4. Snooze

Snooze one of the best 11 breakfast spots in Charlotte from Denver. It sits in the Plaza Midwood area. Snooze’s atmosphere, upbeat and bubbly music will surely give you that morning boost if those cups of coffee don’t.

It is a hot spot in town, so in case you’re caught behind a long line for your pancake, they offer complimentary coffee at the coffee station by the hostess stand. You can wait there and sip your coffee for your turn.

Why we like it: There pancake menu is awesome! It includes three flavors: peachy keen, blueberry danish, and upside-down pineapple pancakes.

5. Midnight Diner

Among the 11 best breakfast spots in Charlotte, this restaurant is one of the most recommended. Midnight Diner is remarkable is better enjoyed in-person. They showcase the 50’s retro diner’s esthetics with bar lights above the red pleather booths, beneath the white and black checkered tile.

You enjoy your meal with old rock n roll memorabilia as well as funky, creating the perfect retro atmosphere. You can’t miss the building. It is on the corner of Carson and Tryon streets.

Why we like it: Regardless of the name, their breakfast menu will create new kinds of cravings for you during the day.

6. 300 East

300 East has been consistently giving it hot to the Charlotte residents, serving the town for almost three decades. It is currently run by a mother and daughter, serving brunch and dinner daily. However, they are more notorious for their Sunday brunch menu.

Their high-quality food is served from a historic building on East Boulevard in the Dilworth district in Charlotte.

Why we like it: Their Sunday brunch menu is so awesome and unique you’ll want to save some for Monday. It won’t be a surprise if some folks do.

7. Smelly Cat Coffeehouse and Roastery

This café is artsy and electric while staying true to its neighborhood of NoDa. Customers can find comfortable seating both inside and outside to enjoy the several unique treats and drinks this amazing café offers.

The Smelly Cat Coffeehouse and Roastery has a “No Judgement” policy to encourage visitors to feel comfortable in their coffee choices.

Why we like it: They provide homemade bagels, biscuit sandwiches, as well as breakfast burritos. They also offer tons of tasty bakery items, such as their fruity pebble rice crispy treat. There’s always an option for everyone.

8. Eddies Place

Eddies Place is a famous staple for breakfast in Charlotte for close to 15 years now. Their neighborhood pub, casual vibe make them a warm and comfortable breakfast spot. They serve an all-day breakfast menu and their delicious special with $5 mimosas.

Folks are always on about Eddie’s signature dish called The Country Fried Breakfast, which includes country fried chicken breasts served on a homemade buttermilk biscuit and smothered with gravy and creamy sausage.

Why we like it: Eddie’s is the perfect spot for low-country, casual breakfast in Charlotte.

9. Landmark Diner

Landmark Diner is also top of the 11 best breakfast spots in Charlotte. It is about 5 miles from Uptown, sitting on Central Avenue.

The restaurant is known for the casual atmosphere they provide to visitors and locals alike. It is owned and managed by three Greek brothers from New York.

Why we like it: Their menu covers the cuisines of Greek, American, and Italian.

10. Café Monte

This café is an upscale breakfast café in Charlotte, but it is also approachable for its warm and welcoming nature.

At this spot, you can treat yourself to authentic traditional hot beignets, flakey croissants or order one of their delicious French dishes, including beef Wellington as well as the duck confit flatbread.

Why we like it: They offer an amazing dish known as Duck Confit & Waffles, which is a uniquely French twist on waffles and chicken dish.

11. The Original Pancake House

The Original Pancake House isn’t only located in Charlotte but is known for its amazing breakfast dishes in the Charlotte metro area. They are laidback, warm, and welcoming.

You can treat yourself to a delicious breakfast in this homey setting. Their menu is inclusive, providing everything from sandwiches, chicken salad, eggs Benedict, and fajita.

Why we like it: They offer some of the best pancakes in the whole of Charlotte.

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Final Thoughts

Some of the 11 best restaurants in Charlotte are great specifically for their signature dishes, while some are just impressive in doing what others do better. Regardless of your breakfast preference, you’re sure to get satisfied in any of these eateries.

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