The Top 5 French Restaurants in Charlotte To Indulge In

Do you love French food? If so, then this is the article for you. We will cover a variety of restaurants in Charlotte that serve French cuisine and help your taste buds to indulge. From casual to fine dining establishments, we have it all! So just sit back and enjoy while we take care of finding the best french restaurant in charlotte for you.

1.) Bentleys

The sensation of taste buds tingling is not something that you will soon forget. Crossing cultures with French cuisine and American flavors, Bentley’s offers a unique experience for all who enter its doors!

Start off by choosing from signature starters like delectable Tuna Tartar or Oysters; then enjoy entrees ranging in quality from prime steaks to fresh seafood delivered right across the Pacific Ocean straight into your mouth.

If you’re looking to top things off right before your eyes then try one out at their table-side preparation where they take time making sure every detail is perfect!

2.) The Fig Tree

The premier restaurant in Charlotte has been serving up some of the city’s finest dining since 2005. Located at a historic location, this chic establishment offers a menu with seasonally inspired French and Italian dishes as well as award-winning wines from around the world.

The Fig Tree Restaurant is a haven for foodies, offering an elegant yet comfortable dining experience. With five stunning rooms to choose from and expansive seating on the veranda or patio, this restaurant has everything you need when it comes time to enjoy your meal outdoors in pleasant weather with family & friends.

3.) La Belle Helene

Introducing a new addition to the Queen City’s culinary scene, La Belle Helene is an upscale brasserie with French classics and modern sensibility. 

Step into the luxurious La Belle Helene where traditional French cuisine is served with a modern twist. This cozy brasserie offers not only great food, but also warm atmosphere and incredible service to make you feel at home in Uptown Charlotte!

The 5th Street Group has taken their francophile ideals one step further by bringing an alluring taste of France right here on American soil—experience this culture through Chef Jamie Lynch’s recipes created from his time as Top Chef Alumni & Regional Culinary Director Sherief Shawky.

4.) Sante

Located just outside Charlotte NC’s city limits sits one such memorable spot: Sante Restaurant & Bar – A cozy yet luxurious affair where each detail has been carefully planned out.

New York City-trained Chef Adam Reed creates elegant dishes with flavors that are sure to please even your most refined palate at this quaintly intimate dining room.

Set back from street level with its original brick walls adorned by local artists’ paintings on display – this quaint yet cozy restaurant pays homage not only for its perfect location but also due to what you can see while eating here: fresh ingredients straight from the farmer’s market across the way! 

5.) Bar Marcel

Bar Marcel is a staple for anyone who appreciates good food and wine. The menu focuses on scratch-made Italian cuisine, but with influences from Spain and France as well.

Bar Marcel is a place to discover the best of both worlds, where you can indulge and enjoy. With an extensive wine list that features local products as well other imported ones from around the world. For an unforgettable night, go to Bar Marcel.

Final Notes

We hope you have enjoyed reading our list of the best French restaurants in Charlotte. If we missed your favorite spot please let us know and we will add it to our next blog post! Bon appetit!

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