The 10 Best Casual Restaurants In Charlotte

Casual restaurants in Charlotte are very popular with people. These not only serve quality and variety of items, but the ambiance is also equally good in most cases.

Once inside, you can feel the difference. It is always desirable to have nutritious foods at a reasonable price, and the casual restaurants in Charlotte do that. That is why these have become very popular.

Here are the best casual restaurants in Charlotte where you could easily drop in for a quick bite.

1. Shake Shack

Shake Shack is a star in the sky of Charlotte. If you talk about casual restaurants in Charlotte, you can’t omit Shake Shack.

It has a local tie-up with the famous Suarez Bakery and Lenny Boy Brewing Company. Combining, you will get some lip-smacking burgers, frozen custard, and other items. The taste of their items is unique and people are ready to pay any amount to eat the food.

2. Cava

Apart from Washington DC, now Cava is in Charlotte too. If you prefer authentic spicy lamb meatballs or a homemade pita, then this is your perfect destination.

You will not be disappointed with the taste of their food as it is unchanged over the years.

That is why they are expanding in several areas. Charlotte is lucky to have such a Mediterranean trend in its locality where people can taste some authentic foods at a reasonable price.

3. Hi-Tide

A relatively new restaurant on the block, this is famous for seafood. In collaboration with the famous Meat & Fish Co, Hi-Tide is famous for using sustainably sourced quality ingredients to offer exotic flavors of seafood.

The biggest advantage of Hi-Tide is, that one can customize their item as per choice and taste. They are ready to serve you as per your wish and you will fall in love with the taste of their products.

4. Chopt

Chopt is one of the most popular casual restaurants in Charlotte. It has set a standard of quality food that is unmatched. The food is healthy yet tasty.

With an awesome environment, you love to come here as many times as you want. The price is also reasonable and they don’t compromise the quality of the food. Surely, a delight to taste the food here.

5. Sabor Latin Street Grill

Are you in love with tacos, arepas, and margaritas? Then Sabor Latin Street Grill is your ultimate destination. Starting in 2013, now they have 9 outlets only due to the huge demand they are catering to across the localities. It has brought authentic Latin street foods to Charlotte.

Now people can know the taste of Latin foods as well as their varieties. People are ready to eat such and they don’t mind even paying some extra bucks if the quality is awesome.

Sabor Latin Street Grill thus maintains the originality and authenticity of Latin foods and they don’t compromise the quality. It is a must-stop for all food lovers and surely, they will enjoy their food at its best.

6. Yafo Kitchen

This is another casual restaurant in Charlotte where people used to drop in large numbers. Within a very short time, it has expanded into other areas and one can enjoy the best experiences here.

The food is good and full of nutritional value. You can surely have a taste of their food anytime.

7. Tandur Indian Kitchen

Finally, an Indian restaurant in Charlotte. And that too for serving traditional Indian foods like kebab, salad, and wraps, apart from several varieties of starters and entrees.

This is their ultimate destination where they can enjoy food with great taste. With the usage of ground and roasted spices, Indian flavors are the magical touchpoint in their items. You will miss something if you don’t taste their signature dishes.

8. Sukoshi

Sushi is a dream food for a large section of people. But before having sushi, they always think about the taste, authenticity, and quality of the item.

A true sushi lover will just take a single bite to understand the quality of the food. Charlotte is lucky to have Sukoshi, the best-ever place to taste sushi-like any other reputed outlet.

Those little bites coupled with bold flavors will make you happy, for sure. You can have a fine casual experience of eating once you enter it. You will not be disappointed and next time you will visit again to eat sushi in its various forms.

9. Inzio Pizza Napoletana

Bored of eating traditional pizza over the years? Looking for a different type of pizza that can ignite your sense organs?

Ok, here it is. If you already tried Neapolitan-style pizza, then you are already aware of the same. If you still have not tasted it, then Inzio Pizza Napoletana is your ideal stop.

You will find authentic and most importantly Neapolitan-style pizza here. They use quality and fresh ingredients to add a unique taste. You can easily enjoy your day with such a handcrafted pizza along with a glass of wine.

Even you can add a gelato and sit in the outdoor area to experience both the food and ambiance. Trust man, you will love it like anything.

10. Maple Street Biscuit Company

If you are in and around Charlotte and if you plan to have a combination of chicken and waffle or even cheese and collard greens, then Maple Street Biscuit Company is your ultimate destination. You will get a unique combination of biscuit and gravy here.

For sure, you will feel differently once you taste their signature items. They are popular across the locations only due to their classic combinations, and people are ready to wait, even in a long queue to get a bite.

Final Note

Incidentally, Charlotte, North Carolina’s largest city offers cuisines of various types from different parts of the world. Other casual restaurants in Charlotte equally offer quality and lip-smacking dishes to their clients.

People can have a taste of food starting from traditional to modern along with experimental ones. One will not be disappointed with the quality of foods served here and the electric atmosphere will bring them again and again to taste authentic dishes.

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