The 7 Best Dance Schools in Charlotte for Kids

Searching for the best dance school for kids is one of the most important tasks, and it is even an essential step in your kid’s life. But if you are residing in Charlotte, then you don’t have to worry, as you can find top-rated dance schools in Charlotte.

In Charlotte, you will find various options for dance school but all you need to look is search for a school that you are interested and also your kids need to love the environment.

There are a lot of things to consider:

  • What kind of dance does the school teach?
  • How your children feel about the school
  • How the staff behaves
  • And, so many other things.

So, to avoid confusion, we have recommended the 7 best dance schools in Charlotte, and you can include them in your list.

Dance schools are not only for kids, but even some adults nowadays are interested in learning how to dance. So, if you are looking for a dance school, it should offer quality dance lessons to everyone and should bring value to what you are learning.

These dance schools in Charlotte will be a great fit for everyone who loves to learn to dance and who believes that it helps to achieve their dancing goals. Here are the 7 best dance schools in Charlotte:

Charlotte Ballet

The Charlotte Ballet is one of the best dance schools in Charlotte, and they teach dance to approximately 1,000 students annually.

This dance school is known for having strong dancers and a versatile repertoire, and they are the best at teaching ballet lessons.

They provide excellent dance programs to a wide range of audiences in the home city of Charlotte, the Southeast region, and varied communities, and they serve tours across the nation.

They have received recognition from various places in programming, education and outreach, and dance training.

Millennium Dance Studio

The Millennium dance studio offers an exceptional level of training and instruction to all kinds of students.

Along with this, they also offer member-led-class, 24/7 content, and the instruments to move the students well.

The dance studio was opened in 2001 and till now they are offering all kinds of traditional dances to kids, teens, and a small group of adults.

In 2005, they started the adult drop-in classes, and in 2019, they added fitness options in dance, reaching a wider audience.

Miss Donna’s School of Dancing

Miss Donna’s School of Dancing offers a full range of dance education to the students.

This school will be the best place for those who want to learn both dance combinations and techniques. It was founded in 1956 and they have many years of experience in combined dance education.

The dance school provides both completion and recreational classes, and along with this, they offer services such as private lessons, choreography, and competition planning.

They are running four dance studios around the Charlotte metro area. If you want to learn a variety of traditional dances, then this will be the best dance school.

Step ‘N Motion Dance Studio

The Step ‘N Motion Dance Studio was established in 1981 in Charlotte, North Carolina. They are one of the most creative and innovative dance schools in Charlotte.

They have now completed 40 years of experience in maintaining a dancing school atmosphere that will create exercise, creativity, friendship, and fun.

They are not only concentrating on teaching the students how to dance but the only main goal of this dance school is to equip their students with confidence, accountability, discipline, and appreciation of the arts.

They teach dance to both children and adults, and the kids can start learning dance from the age of 1.5 years.

Miller Street Dance Academy

The Miller Street Dance Academy was founded in 1994, and the main aim of this dance school is to provide high-quality dance lessons through excellent dancing instruction and a positive environment.

They are cultivating a lot of young dancers into well-rounded individual dancers so that they will not only succeed in dance but also in academics and community service.

They will make sure that all their students are well-versed in the various genre of dance. They give equal importance to all the students of the dance studio so that they will become a better artist both inside and outside of the studio.

MoveStudio Charlotte

If you really want to learn to dance through high-quality instruction, community classes, and special events, then MoveStudio Charlotte is one of the best dance schools in Charlotte.

This dance school offers a safe place for all the dancers, fitness instructors, students, and artists who are looking for a way to hone their skills.

They conduct dance classes for both children and adults. For children, they teach dance that will promote physical dance and the joy of movement.

For adults, there will be weekly group classes that will make them feel refreshed and fun.

The dance class will make sure that all the students in their school are getting personal attention and plenty of room to move safely.

Dance Fever Charlotte

Dance Fever Charlotte offers dance lessons to toddlers, preschool, elementary, and high school students.

They started teaching dance lessons in 2005 and till now they are offering high-quality instruction to both children and adults.

They will make sure to teach dance in a fun and safe way, and the dance lessons offered to them are ballet, hip-hop, tap, jazz, and acrobatics.

The dance school has won many awards at local, regional, and national levels and this class would be the perfect place for all ages of children to learn to dance.

Final Note

There are lots of best dance schools in Charlotte that you will come across, but before concluding anything you need to look few things.

You need to look at training programs; instructor’s and choreographer’s teaching methods, program pricing, and so many other things.

Remember, that the dance school you choose should enhance the dancing skills of your child. 

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