The 11 Best Farm-to-Table Restaurants in Charlotte

The State of North Carolina has an abundance of farmland, proving fresh ingredients for the numerous farm-to-table restaurants in Charlotte.

We’ve selected the best farm-to-table restaurants in Charlotte, where you can have a great meal after touring the beautiful city. Number five is one of the most notorious options folks don’t joke with up here.

Are you a lover of all fresh meals? Do you prefer the majority of your food ingredients organic? We are going to explore the best farm-to-table restaurants in Charlotte, let’s dig in!

1. The Asbury

The Asbury is known as one of the best restaurants in Charlotte. It is also a historic restaurant located in the famous Dunhill Hotel. The restaurant mixes both past and present trends, combining modern Southern dishes with a traditional rustic dining hall for a unique dining experience.

The Asbury is one of the best farm-to-table restaurants in Charlotte, with a wide selection of drinks.

Why we like it: You don’t want to miss their signature Asbury burger, the NC beef blackboard, Hanger steak, and their wide selection of drinks.

2. The King’s Kitchen

The King’s Kitchen is an upscale restaurant that offers a remarkable dining experience, mixed with a touch of Southern flavor. Their menu includes grilled chicken, the King’s Burger (a signature dish), turkey wrap, and the house salad.

The dinner menu is also impressive, consisting of pan-fried chicken, grilled salmon, tri-tip grilled steak, and pan-seared scallops.

Why we like it: They offer some tasty pies and cookies you don’t want to miss.

3. The Stanley

The Stanley is one of the most popular farm-to-table restaurants in Charlotte. It is a household name for lovers of organic food. Their menu changes by the season due to the availability of fresh ingredients.

Still, you’re certain of getting their mixed vegetables and grilled barbecue dishes at any point of your visit.

Why we like it: They have two of the most innovative and skilled chefs in town.

4. Heirloom Restaurant

The Heirloom Restaurant has won several awards and accolades as one of the best farm-to-table restaurants in Charlotte. Expect a six-course menu, consisting of a wide range of food dishes to choose from.

You can try their oysters, salads, potato-based sides, and their devastating fried chicken to gratify your appetite.

Why we like it: You’ll want to try their drinks and desserts, including the sugar plum cocktail and the sourdough.

5. Rooster’s Wood-Fired Kitchen

If you’re not only interested in getting a great meal, but also a warm atmosphere, the Rooster’s is your number one choice. What to expect? Lovely dishes such as barbecue pork, onion soup, chicken salad, pizza, and onion rings are some of your best options.

They also have a unique selection of cocktails and beverages to quench your thirst.

Why we like it: There’s an event space that you can rent out for parties or a special occasion.

6. Kindred Restaurant

This is a family-owned restaurant that offers a classic café feel with its recessed wooden chairs and doors. You have several options from a wide variety of dishes ranging from several kinds of pasta to duck potatoes.

Their dishes include fresh ingredients like lettuce, peas, and asparagus. They also have seafood dishes ranging from cream crab to baked clams. When we talk of versatile farm-to-table restaurants in Charlotte, Kindred Restaurant isn’t left out.

Why we like it: They have a wide range of drinks handpicked to go well with the meals they serve.

7. Dogwood Southern Table & Bar

Dogwood Southern Table & Bar offers the best dishes of Carolina to satisfy your appetite. They have some unique dishes that are popular among folks in Charlotte, including chicken with sweet potatoes, catfish sandwiches, pimento cheese, and oyster dishes.

They also have great collections of drinks to top your meal.

Why we like it: To top their fantastic cooking, they offer great customer service.

8. Halcyon, Flavors from the Earth

This is one of the farm-to-table restaurants in Charlotte that doesn’t require directions. Well,

except if you don’t know the Mint Museum. It is situated on the second floor of the Mint Museum. And it is a must-go-to for lovers of great meals.

They offer strip loin, lamb sausages, ribeye, scallops, and signature burgers, among many more amazing meals.

Why we like it: They provide a high-class dining experience, which explains them being awarded by several groups.

9. Fork!

This is a fantastic restaurant known for its quality service and high-quality ingredients. Their vegetable dishes are filled with color and nutrients you’ll want to try. Their salmon and steak dishes are also made with fresh meat cooked to make a hearty meal.

Fork! Offers some of the best Carolina dishes, which is what they are known for.

Why we like it: From your first taste, you’ll agree that the owners and chefs are intentional about providing the best.

10. Heritage Food and Drink

If you want a seasonally changing, Southern-inspired menu, Heritage is your stop-by. They offer great meals all week, but their Sunday brunch is the main reason they are listed as one of the best farm-to-table restaurants in Charlotte.

Expect Southern Eggs Benedict, freshly baked doughnuts, and an item known as “Hangover Helper.” Yeah, that’s right – the perfect dish to help with your Saturday hangover. The Hangover Helper features pimento cheese, toast, pilled pork, fried green tomatoes, and onions.

Why we like it: Summary, after enjoying their weekday dishes, don’t miss Sunday!

11. Passion8

Located in Elizabeth, this restaurant works with several local farms in Charlotte. Their menu includes Coriander Crusted Scallops, Wild Boar Meatballs, and a must-try dish called Infamous Calamari.

The Infamous Calamari is tossed in honey citrus butter to end it with a killer taste.

Why we like it: They offer some of the best dishes on Sunday, also featuring bottomless mimosas.

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Charlotte is a very large metro area but has successfully maintained a large reserve of rural elements. There’s a vast land used for local farming and a lot still untouched.

So, you can stay rest assured that regardless of season, you can always get fresh meals from the farm-to-table restaurants listed in this article.

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