The 9 Best Running Clubs in Charlotte To Join

If you are looking for a great way to get in shape, consider joining a running club. There are many running clubs in Charlotte, and each one offers its own unique set of benefits. In this blog post, we will discuss the five best running clubs in Charlotte and what makes them stand out from the rest.

We hope that this information will help you choose the right club for you and get started on your fitness journey!

1. Heist Brewery Run Club

If you want to be a part of a running club, then the Heist Brewery run club is the best place to start. Here, runners can participate in the frequent runner programs, and after the eight stamps, they will get the complimentary menu item.

If you join for $25, then you will get the perks of the Heist Run Club, which include the 10% offer on food items, a 20% offer on apparel, a heist run club shirt, and also a 20 oz. beer any night of the week.

2. Charlotte Athletic Club

This athletic club is another great Charlotte running club, as well as helps you to reach your fitness goals. They strongly believe in fitness and they explain to everyone how to improve the quality of life by being fit.

They frequently teach convenient health and fitness options to uptown Charlotte, and they come with a package that will satisfy the fitness enthusiast. They offer parking validation to all their members.

3. Midnight Mulligan Brewing Run Club

The midnight mulligan brewing run club is bringing the West Coast-style beer to Charlotte’s Westside. Every Tuesday they will start their running program, which will start at 6.15 PM. The total distance will be 1 mile and the route will be 5k through Wesley Heights.

Mostly all their running programs will be 1 hour, and they conduct a lot of events. So, you can check their site to get all their event updates. Their activities involve free running, trail running, beginner’s running, long-distance running, and running with partners and groups. Along with the running group, you can also attend brewery events. They will give the beer after the run, which is in the post-run.

4. Fleet Feet Running Club

The fleet feet running club’s main goals lies in running and walking, and they involve both in-person training and virtual training. The club improves the life of people and they change the life of the people towards better health.

Whatever you want here whether it is to get off blood pressure medication, fight back after the cancer treatment, or find new energy, this club will help you with all your goals. The staff members will always encourage you to move to the next level. Stick to their official site to get more updates regarding their events.

5. NODA Brewing Run Club

The best part of the NODA brewing run club, apart from running, is that you will get plenty of themed run programs and local table businesses. The NODA brewing club is one of the popular Charlotte running clubs.

The runners don’t have to worry about the parking as the parking lot is very large and it will provide an amenity that will offer all kinds of breweries. Every week you will get a run program, and after the run, they will offer you a cold craft beer. The running program will be organized every Wednesday and Sunday. The routes available are 1, 3, and 5 miles routes.

6. Triple C Brewing Run Club

In this running club, you will be taken to the light route which is light rail and the route is out and back. This means you can turn around anywhere whenever you want to be. Other than the running, the club also offers programs for yoga.

At the same time as running, the yoga programs will also be taking place on the other side. After the running, you can easily grab a drink and chill. The only problem is here the parking lot will be small, so you need to reach early as possible.

7. Bold Missy Brewing Running Club

If you are hungry post-run, then this is the best Charlotte running club where you can bang your bucks. The runner will get a 50% offer on the gourmet hot dogs and flatbreads in the post-workout. Also, here the beer will be amazing so never miss trying this one.

Every Tuesday evening the club members will join at 06.30 PM. Here, you will be getting four route options such as 5 miles, 3 miles, 1.5 miles, or a half-mile interval depending on the runner’s capacity.

8. Catawba Brewing Co. Run Club

This Charlotte running club is not only for running but also for enjoying nature.

As you run down Central Avenue, you can enjoy the views of the skyline, and further going you will find the Little Sugar Creek Greenway.

Every Thursday at 06.30 they will start their club, and the best part is you will get some beers in the post-run. The club has got 31 beers on tap, and they feature barrel-aged brews and sours.

9. Devil’s Logic Brewing Run Club (DLB)

Join this Charlotte running club if you really want to run like hell. We are just joking, you can walk or run, and they will every Thursday at 06.30 PM when the running or walking program will start. You will get three route options, which are 1, 3, or 5-mile routes.

The directions will be provided outside of DLB, and after every run, you will get a tasty crafted beer in the post-run. They will provide the first beer, and if you come out with 10x, you will get a free DLB run club tech shirt. 

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Final Thoughts

Joining a running club is a great way to stay motivated and meet new people. Charlotte has a lot of great options to choose from, so there’s sure to be one that’s perfect for you.

Whether you’re looking for a competitive club or just want to enjoy some craft beer after your run, there’s something for everyone. So get out there and start exploring all the great running clubs Charlotte has to offer!

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