The 7 Best Charlotte Thrift Stores to Shop Second Hand Goods

Thrift stores offer quality consigned or donated brand items for pretty cheaper rates than regular stores. Most thrift stores in Charlotte are linked to charity organizations, meaning you’re giving back while saving more.

You can be certain of getting top-quality furniture, clothes, knick-knacks, and more in any of the second-hand stores in Charlotte. One of the best parts of living in Charlotte is you’re close to over a hundred thrift stores, consignment stores, antique barns, offering discounted opportunities. 

As much as there are several stores for thrift shopping in Charlotte, you’ll want to go to the best for quality and all-inclusiveness. Most of the thrift stores in Charlotte are great, but here are the best seven we recommend:

1. Plato’s Closet

Plato’s Closet is known as a national chain of second-hand stores in Charlotte that buy and sell used clothes in great condition. However, there are differences in that they mostly sell the latest brand names and trends. Their collection is more focused on the young adult/teen crowd.

Why we like it: Plato’s is an amazing store for thrift shopping in Charlotte to spend less while keeping up with trendy looks.

9630-J University City Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28213

9623 E Independence Blvd., Matthews, NC 28105

2. Community Thrift Store

This is one of the long-standing thrift stores in Charlotte located west of town. They offer half the price of fabulous jewelry, electronics, books, as well as sports equipment. What’s more amazing is their second-hand clothes store – clothes that are in perfect condition and trendy.

Community Thrift Store is well organized, especially their clothing section, with clothes marked with tags and sorted on racks by size. The clothes are separated into children’s, women’s, and men’s sections. A lot of their clothing is name-brands and new, with tags hanging on racks at the front of the boutique section. Their boutique section is filled with jewelry, collectibles, small valuable items, and a lot more.

Why we like it: Although the store gets a full house on weekends, security personnel do a great job at keeping the place organized and children from running around.

3016 Freedom Drive Charlotte, NC 28208

3. Classic Attic

As one of the best thrift stores in Charlotte, this store offers the whole market second-hand custom bedspreads, draperies, and pillows. They provide you with convenient thrift shopping in Charlotte with a 24-hour return policy. There’s also a Wish List service that notifies when an Item you asked for is available.

Their collections are massive, and you can be sure to get beautiful antiques and furniture at all times. When you can’t find what you want, just ask the customer attendant for a Wish List.

Why we like it: Classic Attic is popular as one of the most customer-friendly thrift stores in Charlotte.

4301-C Park Rd., Charlotte, NC 28209

4. Bargain Hunters Thrift Store

This is a local staple that has chains in Mt. Holly and East Charlotte. Their massive stores offer a wide range of home items, books, electronics, as well as huge clothes and furniture sections. Women’s and Men’s clothes are plentiful, and there are several changing rooms to try them on. The boutique section also offers great options for people that like crisper threads.

The store’s collections are well organized, and when you walk in, you’ll see several rows of trendy, brand-new t-shirts for $1. If you need a shirt in a pinch and prefer not to spend much, it’s a perfect option. However, you might want to try the boutique first if you want clothes in a newer condition but a little priced higher than items in other sections.

Why we like it: You’ll most likely doubt the ridiculous price tags you’ll find. Clothes in this store are pretty cheap!

5. Karrousel Kids

A few minutes from Charlotte and you’ll find this treasure store sitting on the heart of downtown Mathews. Karrousel Kids is one of the best thrift stores in Charlotte for discounted kid’s clothing and accessories. They have a unique consignment system that lets prices be the lowest you can find in the entire Charlotte. From toys, shoes, maternity clothing to newborn clothing and special retail boutique items, this store is one of the best for thrift shopping in Charlotte.

Their drop-off for consignors is pretty easy, and you get a discount code that you can use immediately. While the full price on new items is compared to consignment stores, their items are discounted up to 50%, and they eventually can be found in the $1 bin. You can get items that range from $1 – $3 that are better than what some of the big stores offer.

Why we like it: Just maintain a weekly checkup in this store, and you’ll find out that you can slash more than half your budget on clothing.

120 E Charles St., Matthews, NC 28105

thrift stores you can find in charlotte

6. Assistance League of Charlotte

Proceeds from this thrift store are used to support Assistance League of Charlotte philanthropic programs. Bargains abound in nicely used items, including clothing, furniture, toys, books, household items, jewelry, shoes, electronics, sports equipment, computers, and baby items. Assistance League members manage the store and provide an awesome thrift shopping experience in Charlotte for each customer.

As one of the best thrift stores in Charlotte, they also supply winter coats and school uniforms to children in need.

Why we like it: They also provide supplement nutrition by offering snacks to schools as well as scholarship programs to excellent students in high school and college.

7. Great Deals 4 U

Located across the Arrowwood light rail Station, this great thrift shopping store offers great prices as well as a great shopping experience. The store is neat, orderly and most of the clothes are in excellent conditions at amazingly low prices. They also provide changing booths for you to try clothes on.

Why we like it: They are very organized and customer-friendly. Plus, they restock pretty quickly.


The best thrift stores in Charlotte are not only known for cheap prices but also quality items. They don’t sell badly used items. Their proceeds are also channeled to fund one charity service or the other, making it an excellent way to give back while getting an item you need.

The second-hand stores mentioned in this article are the best in town. So you can start with any of them in no particular order.

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