10 Delicious Bakeries in Charlotte You Have to Try

No trip is complete without stopping by a beloved café to get your fill of coffee and delicious treats. Charlotte, North Carolina is full of well-known pastry shops, some of which have been around for decades!

To choose which bakery you will want to visit, here is a list of where to find the best desserts in Charlotte!

1. Villani’s Bakery

For the best New York Italian style baked goods, Villani’s Bakery is always the place to go. They serve up Italian classics like cannolis and sfingi, which are donuts, as well as typical pastries such as cakes and croissants. Their bakery is on Pecan Avenue so that just further confirms how fantastic it is.

Why we like it:

Their tiramisu is to die for—they even home make their own ladyfingers! And their prices are in an affordable range for their breads and pastries.

2. Suárez Bakery

One of the best bakeries in Charlotte, Suárez specializes in donuts, cakes, and other pastries. They are most well-known for their gourmet cupcakes and sugar cookies. On Saturdays, they even make Cuban bread. They have been open since the 1990s and since then opened a second location.

Why we like it:

Their sugar cookies are literal works of art. They hand-draw all the icing to create different themes, such as weddings, animals, and parties. They are almost too perfect to eat!

3. Manolo’s Bakery

Manolo’s is a family-run bakery specializing in Latin-American sweets and baked goods. Their most popular items are their empanadas and tres leches cakes. It was originally named Las Delicias and was actually one of the first bakeries in Charlotte to focus on Hispanic cuisine.

Why we like it:

Their prices are one of the most affordable for all the bakeries in Charlotte. Pastries are notoriously expensive, so it is great that they offer lower price ranges. Also, their traditional concha is a must-try. This Mexican sweet bread roll has such a delicious crunch to it.

4. Sunflour Baking Company

Sunflour Baking Company offers a wide variety of pastry items. They also serve up breakfast and lunch—their breakfast sandwiches are famous within the neighborhoods. They are so popular that they expanded and now operate four different locations within Charlotte, ensuring that you will always be able to grab one of their delicious pastries, no matter where you are in the city.

Why we like it:

Their cinnamon rolls have become almost a cult favorite. They are massive and covered entirely with delectable homemade icing. People swear they are even better than big brand names like Cinnabon.

5. The Batch House

This bakery offers all of the traditional cookies and cakes, as well as some unique treats. Their pop tart is particularly beloved by their regulars. They create a batch box, which is an assortment of their delicious treats. It is pre-order only, and they have a limited amount, so they sell out incredibly quick. Check out their Instagram to see when they next go live so you can reserve your pastries.

Why we like it:

The owner, Chris, is one of the friendliest people on the planet. She prioritizes customer service, so they always work extra hard to ensure your satisfaction! You can’t go wrong with an oatmeal crème pie, either.

6. Amélie’s French Bakery & Café

This French bakery is undoubtedly one of the most popular bakeries in town. They have multiple locations throughout the city, and all of them are open 24/7. Amélie’s is actually Charlotte’s first 24-hour bakery. Their store has a funky and eclectic décor, giving off really hip and youthful vibes. They serve traditional French baked goods such as croissants, eclairs, and macaroons.

Why we like it:

They also offer sandwiches and soup, as well as a delicious quiche of the day.

7. Renaissance Patisserie

Renaissance Patisserie stays true to its name and creates beautiful masterpieces of cakes, cookies, macaroons, and other French pastries. They specialize in making custom cakes and stellar customer service.

They were originally a stand at the farmer’s market but became so popular and loved they were able to open up a storefront. Their chocolate brownie bombe is the star of the bakery and sells out before lunchtime!

Why we like it:

Their eclairs are particularly delicious. Not many bakeries offer eclairs of this quality and flavor range. Try the pistachio one or stick to their classic chocolate.

8. BW Sweets Bakery

This bakery serves up classic American pastries like cakes, cookies, and cake pops. They create custom cakes perfect for any and all of your occasions. They have such a wide variety of goods; it is difficult to choose which one to eat!

They serve over 70 different items daily and offer 18 different flavors of cake, 10 different flavors of cheesecake, cookies, cupcakes, and more. They have two different locations in the city.

Why we like it:

The bakery was named after the owner’s son who passed away. It still has a mom and pop feel to the store and always delivers stellar customer service.

9. Something Classic Café

Originally a catering company, they eventually expanded into an actual storefront. They serve up their fan-favorite sandwiches and salads, and also have delicious desserts.

Their regulars are so obsessed with the owner’s seasonal desserts like ginger snaps that they begged her to make it a constant item on the menu.

Why we like it:

They specialize in their classic American desserts and make them from scratch. Especially popular is their old-fashioned chocolate cake and lemon-raspberry bars.

10. Gigi’s Cupcakes of Charlotte

Gigi’s bakery is a chain of stores offering American pastries with a menu that rotates through the seasons. They have a large variety of flavors, the most popular ones including appledoodle, carrot cake, and unicorn.

Why we like it:

They can customize anything for you! They create beautiful cakes and cupcakes that are perfect for any occasion. They are too pretty to eat sometimes.

best bakeries in charlotte

Stop by any of these bakeries to get your fill of baked goods, regardless of the cuisine. If you are in the mood for French, American, or even Hispanic, these stores have you covered.

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