7 Restaurants in Noda You Shouldn’t Miss

NoDa is known as Charlotte’s city center where you go if you’re looking for inspiration, good people, good drinks, and most importantly, good food.

NoDa has transformed immensely over the last couple of years, and now it’s the happening place in Charlotte. From the entertainment to the food, there’s a place for everyone here.

These are the 7 best restaurants you need to visit in Noda:

1. Haberdish

One of the best Southern-style restaurants that serves southern favorites including fried chicken, okra, and biscuits. This is a home-style restaurant where you order your dishes individually, rather than a meal with sides.

You have the freedom to create your own southern meal with meat and whatever sides you want. Haberdish offers southern favorites that are locally driven and made fresh daily.

This is one of the best restaurants in the NoDa area and if you’re visiting, or you’re a local wanting to try something new, you need to visit Haberdish!

Why We Like It

The first we love most is the food, obviously. They serve the most authentic southern-style food you could ask for. In the heart of NoDa, Haberdish is on the top of our list of best restaurants in the area.

2. Heist Brewery

This brewery isn’t just for beer lovers, it’s a great place if you’re looking for some great food too. Their menu features mostly tapas-style dishes which you can share with the table.

They aim to bring basic pub food to the next level by only using local produce and meats – served fresh daily! This is one of the best restaurants if you’re looking for a casual place to enjoy some craft beers and great pub food.

Why We Like It

You get served great, unique craft beers, and top-notch pub food. Does it get any better than that?

3. Deejai Noodle Bar NoDa

This is a great option if you’re looking for a different style of food style. This isn’t your typical southern-style food restaurant, it’s a Thai street food-inspired restaurant.

Their menu is filled with noodle bowls and poke bowls and its authentic Thai food – much different than your typical southern spot, but a fan favorite to say the least. Enjoy outdoor dining here and amazing food and drinks.

Why We Like It

We love coming here if we’re just not in the mood for southern-style food.

This is a great authentic Thai restaurant if you’re looking to switch it up, but still get amazing food and drinks. Their noodle bowls and poke bowls are the best in the area!

4. The Degenerate

If you’re looking for the best sliders and burgers in town, you’ve found the right place. The Degenerate is located within the NoDa District and is widely known for its burgers.

They offer a wide variety of specialty burgers that are guaranteed to make your mouth water. To go along with their amazing food, they have specialty cocktails.

Why We Like It

We love The Degenerate when we’re looking for a hearty, delicious burger. This restaurant has a great atmosphere that is just so fun to be there.

Not only is there food to die for, but they also have amazing craft drinks to go with it. This is a great place if you’re looking to have a nice sit-down dinner with amazing food and drinks.

5. Cabo Fish Taco

Not in the mood for southern food? No worries – there are so many different food options in NoDa. One of our favorite non-southern-style restaurants is Cabo Fish Taco.

This is a casual, hipster-vibe Mexican restaurant that offers southern-Cali-style tacos, burritos, and most importantly, margaritas! This is authentic Mexican food with a southern-Cali twist.

They have a huge menu of authentic Mexican dishes that you are sure to love. And they’re margaritas… YUM! Let’s just say, you’ll only need one!

Why We Like It

To give you a plain and simple answer: we live for authentic Mexican food. The food here is fresh and delicious, and we’re never disappointed with the quality of food when we eat here.

The service and the quality is always above standards. Oh, and did we mention they have amazing margaritas?

6. JackBeagle’s NoDa

This tavern offers guests a laid-back eating experience. This is a chill and casual restaurant in the NoDa area, and it’s one of the best. JackBeagle’s serves American food such as burgers, mac & cheese, and much more. If you’re looking for some good, greasy, American food, this is the place for you! They use fresh ingredients and they even make their homemade sauces! The sauces… chef’s kiss!

Why We Like It

We love JackBeagle’s because it’s a family-owned and operated restaurant, and they have definitely made a name for themselves. They offer all American food favorites such as Mac & Cheese, sandwiches, burgers, and waffle fries. You’ll never leave this restaurant feeling hungry! If we ever feel like we need some comfort food, we get in the car and drive to JackBeagle’s. It’s that good!

7. Boudreaux’s Louisiana Kitchen

Another casual dining restaurant, Boudreaux’s Louisiana Kitchen is known for its Cajun-style seafood. If you’re looking for the best seafood in the NoDa area, this is it!

We love their Cajun, Southern, and low-country food options. All their food is made from scratch and is served fresh daily.

If you’re looking to indulge yourself in some of the best seafood dishes in the NoDa area, this is your place.

Why We Like It

We’re suckers for great seafood. And Boudreaux’s Louisiana Kitchen is the place to get the best seafood. They season all their dishes perfectly, and we love how they make everything from scratch. This restaurant is one of those feel-good places every time you’re there.

restaurants in Noda

If you’re in the NoDa district of Charlotte, NC, these are the 7 best restaurants you NEED to visit! If you’re looking for great drinks and even better food, you’ll find it in these places!

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