The 11 Best Burger Places in Charlotte

While we are trying to eat healthily, work out more, and keep fit, one or two tasty burgers can be really hearty. Burgers are always a nice treat for lunch or a quick breakfast. But with a bite from one of the best burgers in Charlotte, it might become a three-square meal for you.

We’ve compiled all the best burgers in Charlotte, and here’s the review of the best burger places in Charlotte.

That said, if you’re worried about being addicted to thick, hearty burgers, this list is not for you!

Charlotte residents know how notorious the city is when it comes to tasty burgers. They literally have a Best Burger Award published in a magazine each year. Here’s are the best 11 out of the best burgers in Charlotte:

1. ACE No.3

It is fair to say that any list of best burgers in Charlotte without the ACE No.3’s burger as number one is a fraud!

Even though this list is arranged in no particular order, this terrific burger place must come first. Their burger is so good it won Best Burger in the Charlotte Magazine’s 2020 BOB awards. The burger is stacked with American cheese, two beef patties, in-house pickles, steamed onions, and the ACE’s signature comeback sauce.

While the ingredients might seem simple, no burger compares in the whole of Charlotte. Perhaps their comeback sauce is their secret, made with hot sauce, mayo, and other tuned add-ins.

Why we love it: The spot’s garlic mayo, paired with the crispy fries, is a major hit!

2. Midwood Smokehouse

It is typical for folks to skip the rest of the menu for the barbecue platters at this barbecue and burger hotspot. However, their salivating burger is what makes this spot famous for burgers in Charlotte.

With a fine blend of brisket and chuck, the Smokehouse comes with the typical ketchup, tomato, lettuce, mustard, and cheese. Besides, you can include sliced brisket for two more bucks.

Why we love it: Midwood Smokehouse’s burgers are known for maintaining their signature burgers, which is all-inclusive.

3. Harriet’s Hamburgers

Although Harriet’s Hamburgers is the newest around town, you might end up with a bitten tongue with your first bite. The burger is made with a blend of Black Angus short rib, in-house pickles, brisket, ribboned red onions, and Harriet’s signature sauce. It is chuck-charred and double-stacked with American cheese.

With each bite of cheesy, meaty goodness, your burger craving is satisfied, if not heightened. Interestingly, this burger spot is that they sold its first 100 burgers in about two minutes.

Why we love it: Nothing other than the sensation that comes after the first bite – dead!

4. Bang Bang Burgers

Unless you aren’t a “burgers person,” you don’t want to only read or hear about the Bang Bang burgers in Charlotte. You could cure multiple hangovers with this baby.

It is tasty, meaty, cheesy, yummy, and heavenly. A mouth full of the notorious Bang Bang will have you humming your favorite song. The burger is made with bacon and potato hash, sharp cheddar cheese, capped with fried eggs with Bang sauce at the side.

Why we love it: First, who doesn’t love the Bang Bang? Oh, of course, only those that are yet to have a bite.

5. Zack’s

Zack’s is the typical choice for locals in Charlotte. The loyalty has been firm for years and most likely has more to do with their consistency in being there for the town when the cravings call. For most, it is the devilish ACE’s, Mr. K’s, Zack’s, or nothing.

But there’s usually more to a town than meets the eye for strangers or visitors. So, be sure to trust your tongue rather than where the crowd lies. Nevertheless, trying Zack’s burger first might be a bad decision as it will kill your desire to go down this list.

Why we love it: The burger is tasty and satisfying, and that exciting feeling from the call from the microphone never gets old.

6. Mr. K’s

Mr. K’s serves one of the best burgers in Charlotte, and only a non-resident will deny this. The burger spot has been with the town since 1967! You can enjoy your hearty burger with their milkshakes and fries.

And you aren’t satisfied; you can go big with the Double Big K and pile it high with your preferred toppings. You have the option of raw or grilled onions, banana peppers, lettuce, relish, pickles, sauerkraut, coleslaw, jalapenos, and tomato.

Why we love it: You can always customize your order as you want or enjoy the all-inclusive Mr. K’s.

7. Reid’s Fine Foods

The eight-ounce cheesy burger is a mix of sirloin, ground filet, and rib-eye. It comes with tomato, lettuce, with or without truffle fries.

If the $15 price seems too pricey, you can come in on Tuesday for dinner or lunch at any of their locations and enjoy about a half-priced steak burger special. This is one of the few gourmet meals you can ravish with your hands.

Why we love it: Reid’s burger price is a little above the average price of regular burgers, but so is the quality of their burgers over the regular burgers.

8. Chubz

You can enjoy your Chubz order with chili and all the other add-ins. Some will argue that burgers have a different taste on one of those hard seats at the spot. You’ll also find what others have written on the blackboard between the kitchen and dining counter.

You can’t go wrong with Chubz burgers.

Why we love it: There’s something unique about the Chubz taste, which is perhaps from their special add-ins.

9. The Stanley

The Stanley burger is well-known for serving meaty, cheesy burgers in Charlotte, and they’ve been consistent for years. Stanley is always a great spot for dine-in at the bar. The burger is made special with house-blended ground beef spiked with foie gras and truffles.

It is capped with lettuce, tomato, pickled onion, in-house ketchup, and mustard between a house-made bun.

Why we love it: The fries and hot pepper are something to always reckon with!

10. Derita Dairy Bar & Grill

Derita Dairy Bar & Grill is a family-owned business. It is a window-styled restaurant for serving  

orders only.

Their menu items are hot dogs, classic sandwiches, burgers, and shakes from Tuesday till Saturday. If you enjoy a mouth full of cheesy, beefy burgers, the DBG burger is your go-to for burgers in Charlotte. You can also order your favorite toppings.

Why we love it: The DBG burger is enough for lunch!

11. Brooks’ Sandwich House

Brooks’ House is a classic roadside sandwich hotspot, but you can’t skip the terrific burger they serve. The burger comes with onions, homemade chili, and mustard. Note that if you’re coming in for a drive-in, you’d want to be on the move before munching it, as you’ll definitely go for another one.

Also, bring cash as they don’t accept credit cards. However, there’s an ATM close by.

Why we love it: Brooks’ burgers have a signature sauce a lot of folks don’t seem to get. But who cares? As long as we keep getting the super tasty burgers.


It is fair to say Charlotte residents are burger lovers, which is why a lot of effort is put into offering the best. While it might be difficult to rank the numerous burger spots around town, you’re assured that our list contains the best burgers in Charlotte.

But you don’t have to take our word for it – or tongue for it – pick at random, and try them today!

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