11 Spots to Satisfy Your Sushi Craving in Charlotte

The once exotic and rare treat that was only enjoyed by the rich and cultured, sushi today is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Sushi restaurants are some of the best places to visit for satisfying and authentic sushi delivered in a fun, yet traditional atmosphere.

If you’re chasing down a sushi craving in Charlotte, here are our eleven favorite spots to taste the best sushi in Charlotte.

1. Nikko Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar

Voted the Best Sushi in Charlotte, this delicious restaurant and bar serves up traditional Japanese meals and eats for lunch and dinner every day.

Their restaurant offers a calming and traditional atmosphere with a sushi bar, dining room seating, and a large outdoor patio with sweeping views of the nearby city life. Authentic flavors and traditional plating seal the deal on this delicious meal.

Why We Like It

The food is delicious, but the atmosphere here is unbeatable. On weekends live music and dancing fills the bar, and you can find the owner on the floor downing sake bombs in her signature cowboy hat and boa- the perfect combination of Japanese and Charlotte culture! 

2. Yamazaru Sushi and Sake

A fantastic local, yet authentic sake and sushi joint, this neighborhood favorite has been open for almost four years and is a favorite for traditional meals and delicious pairings that rotate seasonally for a fully-authentic menu.

Delicious food and cocktails can be eaten in or carried out for the perfect accessible sushi experience.

Why We Like It

Their affordable menu means it’s easy to try several different dishes in each meal. The menu has all kinds of sushi and sake preferences available, so you can mix and match or try something new with every visit. Try traditional dishes or contemporary chef specials for a unique sushi experience.

3. O-ku

Authentic, bold, and daring to press the boundaries of traditional sushi, O-Ku blends fresh ingredients with creative recipes to create a delicious and easily shareable menu full of Japanese dishes that are on the same culinary level as the master chefs of Japan as well.

Authentic Asian cuisine blends with North Carolinian influence to create a menu with sophisticated and sustainable ingredients and presentations.

Why We Like It

O-Ku’s focus on sustainable ingredients means it’s one of the greener restaurants around. The chef sources fish and other seafood from all over the world, including Hawaii and local fisheries, so you can be confident that your meal is fresh, local, and eco-friendly.

4. Pisces Sushi

A local fan favorite named Diner’s Choice in 2017, Pisces Sushi continues to offer popular dine in and take out sushi that’s beloved by everyone in Charlotte.

Their popular menu is packed full of seafood specialties served in all kinds of styles and flavorings ranging from mild and traditional to fiery and abstractly creative. Popular dishes include the rolls and their combo platters, but you can’t go wrong with any of these delicious meals.

Why We Like It

Their menu features a happy hour roll special with discounts on some of their traditional and delectable spring roll flavors. Easily the best category on the menu, this deal gives you an opportunity to savor your favorite dishes at great prices!

5. Ru San’s Charlotte

One of the top three best sushi restaurants in Charlotte, Ru San’s two decades of experience in Japanese cuisine means their menu is full of practiced and perfected recipes you’ll love.

Enjoy an equal helping of Japanese cuisine and culture in this traditionally decorated and served restaurant that features a full menu full of affordable and delicious sushi options.

Why We Like It

The build-your-own skewer menu, known as Yakitori, is a fun and delicious way to design your own major meals at your own price point. Ingredients are priced per item, so build your ideal sushi stick and enjoy!

6. Nakato Japanese Restaurant

This popular Charlotte staple has been part of the North Carolina sushi landscape since 1976.

One of the first restaurants to offer hibachi style dining in the area, they’ve expanded to continue offering famous, family-owned and savory dishes to more people across the South. The memorable dining experience at Nakato makes your trip well worth the visit!

Why We Like It

The signature Floating Sushi Bar is the most famous part of Nakato. Sit at the floating bar and dine on one of their many delicious sushi dishes or ask the chef for their recommendation and try the best in the latest Japanese cuisine.

7. Yama Asian Fusion

Practicing the time honored art of Asian fusion, each of Yama’s locations across Charlotte are a delicious staple of the sushi landscape.

Their menu encompasses unique cuisines and flavors that vary by location and theme, so you can hop from Yama to Yama and test out your many favorite dishes.

Why We Like It

Yama Asian Fusion’s signature meal are their bento boxes. Packed with daily assorted sushi or other main dishes, dine in on a delectable bento box of prepared and assorted dishes and appetizers that will give you the full sushi experience.

8. Hasaki Grill & Sushi

Enjoy a taste of Hasaki through this delicious Japanese inspired restaurant and menu. Located in central Charlotte, you can enjoy fresh dishes off the grill that span all types of flavors and Japanese cuisines.

Enjoy speciality, custom, or main dishes all freshly made for you and enjoy the best Japanese meal of your life.

Why We Like It

The Nigiri menu is extensive and delicious, as is the sashimi. Both versions of sushi that are made freshly for you at your order, you can choose between twenty plus options for seafood or fresh sushi rolls that taste as good as they look.

9. The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar

Nothing says Southern/Asian fusion more like the Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar. The kaleidoscope of ingredients dished out on the menu of the Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar is considered crazy good by locals and tourists alike.

Freshly prepared sushi and freshly prepared Southern burgers are on deck every day, making this the perfect place for when you can’t decide on what to eat.

Why We Like It

The food here is everything that a fusion restaurant should be. Fresh, handcrafted sushi sits next to barbecue and brisket, while burger flavors find their way onto combo platters and sushi flavorings feature heavily in burger builds. It’s the perfect combination!

10. YUME Ramen and Sushi

This high-end, high-energy ramen and sushi bar is a popular and fast-growing success in the Southend area of Charlotte.

Aesthetically plated meals pair well with steaming hot and flavorful ramen and soup to make a creative Asian dining experience that’s a staple of Charlotte’s culinary scene.

Why We Like It

Ramen bars are a fun twist on the traditional 40 cent packs from the grocery store. Swap out the store bought packs for this fresh and genuinely made ramen that will truly satisfy and make you want to give up the fake stuff for good.

11. Room 112

Modern Asian cuisine and sushi lounges pair together in this elegant and classy formal sushi experience.

For the sushi lover looking for an elegant dining experience that will dazzle your date or guest, Room 112 serves up traditional dishes, meals, and rolls in a romantic and intimate setting that’s perfect for impressing a sushi lover.

Why We Like It

The classy atmosphere here is elegant and refined without feeling too stuffy. Sleek design and an inviting and warm lighting scheme make you feel cozy and welcome here without any of the hustle and bustle of some more commercial sushi restaurants.

sushi in charlotte

Ever since its origins in Japan, sushi has remained a popular and constant favorite across the world. The next time you face a major sushi craving, check out one of these eleven locations and dive into the best sushi in Charlotte.

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