The 10 Best Places to Take Spanish Classes in Charlotte

Learning a new language can be one of the most challenging tasks of your life, especially if you are an adult mono-lingual. It gets harder to learn languages as you get older, which is why many people shy away from enrolling in language courses.

Charlotte, NC has so many fantastic and qualified language instructors to choose from. Their job is to make the entire process easier for you to improve your abilities and feel more confident in your new language skills.

There are hundreds of language classes to choose from, but you should definitely consider learning Spanish above the others.

Why Take Spanish Classes in Charlotte?

Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the entire world. There are over 450 million speakers of it. As a global language, it is a great idea to add Spanish to your skillset.

Learning a new language also opens the door to different cultures and ways of life. It is important to keep trying to gain new perspectives and constantly better yourself.

There are many Spanish-speaking individuals in the U.S., both as native speakers, children of immigrants, and learners.

We have so many countries nearby whose official language is Spanish, so it would be a great idea to learn how to talk and interact with our neighbors across the borders. Learning their language would help us better understand and relate to them.

The 10 Best Places to Take Spanish Classes in Charlotte

1. The Language Academy of the Carolinas, Inc.

They provide talented instructors who are experienced and knowledgeable all for very reasonable prices. The curriculum is well written and geared toward teaching you the culture alongside the language.

Why we like it: They offer other services like corporate training, translation, and interpreting services. They have a total of 7 different languages to choose from.

2. Borealis Language Academy

The teachers are dedicated to helping you learn a language quickly and accurately. They prioritize speaking in every lesson and really force you to start thinking in Spanish instead of your native language.

Why we like it: They not only offer group adult classes but private lessons as well.

3. South Charlotte Spanish Lessons & Tutoring

John is a private tutor who has a college degree in Spanish and even lived in Spain for a while to gain even more experience. He handles mostly private lessons.

Why we like it: Small businesses where you deal with the owner are always so much nicer than large corporations. They feel more personable and as if they really care about you and not just your money.

4. Collinswood Language Academy

If you have young children and want them to learn Spanish, send them to the Collinswood Language Academy. This elementary school is an immersion school with fantastic teachers who will provide your kids with quality education.

Why we like it: There was a decline over the past two decades in bilingual and immersion schools, so it is great to see them on the rise again. People are realizing just how beneficial it is for young kids to learn in two different languages.

5. Charlotte East Language Academy

Another school that prioritizes dual language schooling, Charlotte East Language Academy is one of the best schools for your children. They have top rated teachers, updated technology, and a fantastic curriculum.

Why we like it: This k-8 school has been continuously growing its reputation and size, but still manages to maintain low student-to-teacher ratios to improve lesson learning.

6. Oaklawn Language Academy

This language academy is available to all ages, although the majority of their students are of elementary school age. They offer kindergarten in Spanish and English for bilingual learning. The staff are all well-trained and experienced language instructors.

Why we like it: They have built up a community and continue to see their students even as they grow and age. Also, they have a multicultural fair every year!

7. Lake Norman Language Academy, Inc.

The classes in this language academy are small and intimate. They really feel as if it is a family instead of strangers. The instructors make learning Spanish enjoyable and stress-free. They have so much enthusiasm for their material; you can’t help but also get excited!

Why we like it: They have native instructors who also teach culture and traditions alongside language. They tutor both adults and children in group and private lessons.

8. Carolina Language Solutions, LLC

Carolina Language Solutions offers both language learning, translating, and on-site interpreting services. They have been open since 2017 but have seen a rapid growth and success due to their skill and dedication.

Why we like it: The owner, Omar, earned his masters’ degree in Latin American Studies and has studied abroad throughout Mexico, Panama, and Costa Rica. He is a passionate and experienced educator determined to provide you with the best education possible.

9. Waddell Language Academy

Formerly known as Smith Academy of International Languages, this academy is a public k-8 magnet and immersion school. Their students always show rapid improvements in their language abilities within a short time span of instruction.

Why we like it: The Waddell Language Academy begins language immersion starting from the very first day of kindergarten. As they move on to middle school they can start adding on a third language of instruction.

10. Espeak Language Academy

They offer interactive and entertaining classes with talented instructors. They put a lot of effort into creating a stimulating and informative curriculum so that you learn quickly and efficiently. They have made their own textbook that is easy to comprehend and follow along with.

Why we like it: They are a small business with few employees and have so much determination and encouragement toward their students. They have even made their lessons available on Facebook to try and make their classes more accessible.

taking spanish classes in charlotte

If you have been considering picking up Spanish, now is the time to start learning!

Regardless of whether you are searching for immersion schools for your children or adult classes for yourself, there are numerous places to take Spanish classes in Charlotte that will provide you with a strong curriculum and experienced instructors.

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