17 Fantastic Reasons to Move to Charlotte

A move to Charlotte might just be the relocation you’ve been longing for. The economy is booming, employment is increasing, and the population is increasing – frequent arrival of new neighbors isn’t even a surprise to folks anymore.

Nonetheless, there has to be more to the popular love for this fantastic city! Why are more people interested in Charlotte? Why should you consider a move to Charlotte? What’s it about this city?  

While the most popular reason to move to charlotte is because of the booming economy, it isn’t close to being the best reason to make up your mind. There are tons of other factors, and we’ll check them all!

1. Lots of Job Opportunities

In the last decade, Charlotte has grown into a key financial center in the country. The city is now the second-largest financial banking hub in the United States, right behind NYC.

Charlotte also boasts of hosting various fortune 500 companies in town. The city ranks second in the United States for potential economic growth among the top ten best locations for startups – that sounds like more jobs!

2. Mountains and the Beach

The beautiful city of Asheville is about two hours away with a car ride. It has most of the astonishing mountain views in the whole of North Carolina. A trip downtown Asheville will leave you to offer you a variety of mountain restaurants and amazing shops.

Also, Charleston, S.C. is perhaps the most historic beach town in the South and is only three and half hours from the city.

3. Friendly Neighborhoods

Charlotte’s is great generally, but resident folks’ welcoming nature is enough to begin your move to Charlotte by next week. But that’s a part of it.

When you relocate to Charlotte, there are tons of choices for unique neighborhoods to reside in. Whether you’re interested in a yard or land to take up residence or prefer a high-rise apartment, you’re sure to find the neighborhood that suits your lifestyle.

4. Incredible Schools

Starting from elementary to university, Charlotte doesn’t lack in great schools. This is a city that takes pride in a whopping 85% high school graduation rate. That’s about 4% above the national average.

Some of the city’s well-known schools include Queens University, UNC Charlotte, Appalachian State University, North Carolina State University, Meredith College, Wake Forest, Duke University, and a lot more.

5. Awesome Outdoor Activities

Multiple greenway paths for biking in Charlotte offer something for every cyclist’s level. The United States National Whitewater Center is known as the best single-track mountain biking in the entire region.

Asides from biking, you can as well try kayaking, zip-lining, rock climbing, rafting, and more. You can also have a fantastic time at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Reedy Creek Nature Preserve.

6. The weather is refreshing.

Folks in Charlotte bask in amazing weather all year. Perhaps as a result of its location, Charlotte experiences wonderful Spring and Fall seasons. The temperature is usually between 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit at those times of the year.

Summers are warm with perfect beach or pool weather, while winters are mild with few snow times.

7. Charlotte’s Food and Beverage Scene is Remarkable

If you’re a proud “foodie,” your move to Charlotte should have happened yesterday! What better place to be a food lover than a city that has new restaurants opening almost every day?

Additionally, the cuisine options are enormous. There are various hot and trendy spots for the perfect date night.

reasons to move to charlotte

8. Spectacular Sport Teams

Charlotte is the perfect resident for sports lovers. Here are some of the city’s pro football teams: The Charlotte Hornets, the Charlotte Panthers, the Charlotte Checkers, and the Charlotte Knights.

Charlotte also hosts major annual sport events such as the NBA All-Star Game, the PGA Golf Championship, the Wells Fargo Golf Tournament, and the Belk Bowl Game.

9. Lower Cost of Living

This is usually one of the first considerations for people looking to move to Charlotte. The city has a 2% lower cost of living than the national average. Even with the abundance of entertainment, outdoor and dining spots, you can still live your best with a lower income.

10. Most Folks in Charlotte are Pet-friendly

If you own a pup or cat, you won’t have to be bothered about neighbors that don’t like pets. You also won’t have to leave your dog at home when going out.

Over 150 restaurants in the city permit pet owners to bring in their pets on the patios. What’s more, the breweries are like that too!

11. Charlotte is an Epicenter of Transplants

You don’t move to Charlotte worrying about being a stranger; so is everybody else! You’re very unlikely to run into a true native of the town.

With time, the city has attracted multiple ethnicities, religions, and ages. Charlotte’s diversity makes it more welcoming and plays a major role in its culture.

12. There’s a Spectacular Music Scene

The notorious PNC Music Pavilion is Charlotte’s largest venue, with the capacity to host 19,500 people for major concerts.

There are smaller hot spots, too, like the Fillmore, the Charlotte Uptown Amphitheater, or the Evening Muse. Irrespective of your music taste, there’s a concert or two coming up for you to enjoy in Charlotte.

13. Remarkable Museums

The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art and the Mint Museum are dedicated to bringing Queen City some of the top-tier design and art from artists worldwide.

Also, the Harvey B. Gantt Center has endless exhibits about African American art, culture, music, and a lot more.

14. It’s Easy to Meet New Friends in Charlotte

Since Charlotte is occupied by several “diversified” residents, making new friends is very easy. There are endless meet-up groups where you can meet folks who share the same passion and interests as you.

There also countless community and social organizations to join that host frequent networking sessions, happy hours, and gatherings.

15. Beer and Wine Scenes

Charlotte is strongly committed to beer and wine spots with numerous breweries, top-tier vineyards, and some peculiar experiences you might not find in most cities.

16. Big City Life With Charm of a Small Town

If you’re considering a move to Charlotte for a park to spend your time or a quiet neighborhood, you have multiple options. Also. If you’re used to the hassling and bustling of a big city, you’re sure to enjoy your stay uptown.

17. Charlotte is Never Dull

There’s always somewhere to spend a good time getting fired up, from sporting and music centers, annual events to amazing parks. There’s always an event for everyone!

Final Notes

Charlotte is an exciting city with fascinating natural scenes. However, what’s more, amazing about the city is its people. Charlotte’s residents are very welcoming and friendly, and within a couple of days, you’d feel at home already. You can’t go wrong with a move to Charlotte.

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