The 7 Best Paint and Sip Classes in Charlotte

Paint and sip classes in Charlotte have one thing in common: creativity. You cannot visit two of the best paint and wine classes in the city and refer to them as the same.

Although they all have similar primary goals, offering you a celebratory and therapeutic experience, they differ in various ways.

Here are the top-tier choices for your painting, wining, and celebration in Charlotte:

1. Wine & Dine

Wine & Dine was established in 2012, and as one of the earliest studios, it remains unique. With hardwood floors and floor-to-floor ceiling windows on three sides, you’ll be making your own art in a place with a genuine gallery feel.

Their sessions are led by experienced artists who share the excitement they get from painting with you, making both fun and accessible.

As one of the best paint and sip classes in Charlotte, Wine & Dine offers a fascinating art experience for anyone looking for a fresh way to connect with those in their lives. If you’re truly ready for tons of celebration and a little chardonnay, then pick up your phone and buzz them!

Why We Like The Place: Wine & Dine is a fascinating way to masterpieces and memories. You can also bring your significant other or friends to enjoy a glass of wine during one of the classes.  

1419 East Blvd Ste J Charlotte, NC 28203 Dilworth

2. Painting with a Twist

This is one of the unique paint and sip classes in Charlotte, established in 2011. Tara Fitzgerald opened the paint and wine classes after the franchise concept grew nationally. It was created as a fun and stress-relief after the horrible Hurricane Katrina.

This is an excellent place for a night out with colleagues or friends. Some painting, a little bit of wine, and a mountain of fun!

Why We Like The Place: Painting with a Twist is great for birthday parties, ladies’ night out, team buildings, social groups, and other celebrations.

4724 Sharon Rd Suite J Charlotte, NC 28210 SouthPark

3. Wine & Canvas

After a get-together with friends, the Wine & Canvas painting and sip classes were founded. It was established in 2009, and the inspiration came from hanging out with friends. Now, they are in over 50 cities across the country.

What’s more, you don’t have to an artistic genius to have a remarkable experience in this class. Wine & Canvas is one of the best paint and sip classes in Charlotte, where you can relax your shoulders and sip come to wine. All you need to do is allow the artists to guide you in creating a wonderful painting of your own experience.

Even if you haven’t handled a canvas since elementary school, you should expect to have an amazing time. And you’ll be leaving an artwork you did yourself – something you can hang in your home.

Why We Like The Place: It’s the right place to add some creativity and fun into your next bachelorette party, team building event, or just a random fun night with the gals.

4. Booze & Brush

Looking for the best painting class for lady’s night and bachelorette parties? Booze & Brush is your choice.

Since its inception in 2007, the owners of this exciting painting class have been the leaders in bachelorette parties in Charlotte. Booze & Brush is unarguably one of the best paint and sip classes in Charlotte.

If you prefer a fun and soul-connecting spot to always remember with your friends, you should try one of their classes, instead of the usual clubbing and rowdy events. It is also a great spot for celebrating birthdays, corporate gatherings, divorce parties, and other types of celebrations. It doesn’t stop there.

Booze & Brush also offers private parties in any private space or at your home. Irrespective of the option you pick, you can’t go wrong with this painting and wine class for an awesome time out.

Why We Like The Place: Unlike most of the best paint and sip classes in Charlotte, Booze & Brush is very versatile. They offer Sip N’ Paint, Strip N’ Paint, Naked Painting, and a lot more.

paint and wine in charlotte

5. Paint Ur Peace

Paint Ur Peace is a painting studio where you can always visit to paint canvas, pottery, wooden pallet, wine glass, or fabric. The studio doesn’t charge an hourly fee. All that is required is that you pay for your piece of art, which makes a huge exception among most of the best paint and wine classes.

This awesome place is where you can bring your beer or wine to sip on while painting! You can as well celebrate any happy occasion there, like your anniversary, birthday, family reunion, group outing, field trip, etc.

Why We Like The Place: It’s always colorful at Paint Ur Peace!

10020 Monroe Rd Ste 120 Charlotte, NC 28270

6. City Art Room

City Art Room started in 2015 only as a platform for positive connections and social art. However, painting is done in a social environment and is very rewarding. It’s also a university activity and is done for various therapeutic and celebratory reasons.

Paint Ur Peace is an awesome studio that features paint and sip classes, body painting, team building, professional custom artwork.

Why We Like The Place: Moments in City Art Room are all about getting a good time in a healthy atmosphere of encouragement, conversation, ad freedom of expression.

9009-9 Jm Keynes Dr Charlotte, NC 28262 University City

7. AR Workshop

AR Workshop is more of a boutique DIY studio that provides hands-on classes for developing custom, astonishing décor from raw materials. Join a supervised art workshop where you can create framed signs, custom wood plank signs, chunky knit blankets, round signs, canvas pillows, canvas tote bags, centerpiece boxes, and a lot more!

These paint and wine classes will help you take your home décor to another level and have fun while at it.

Why We Like the Place: There’s something about the place that makes it feel like it wasn’t established just for the money. It’s refreshing!

117 Middleton Rd Charlotte, NC 28207 Elizabeth

Final Notes

There are other paint and sip classes in Charlotte, but the seven mentioned in this guide are the best you want to visit first.

Plus, they have the best reviews. If you want to have a wild, creative and fun night, you can start with Booze & Brush. If you want to focus on creating unique decors for your home, you can go for AR Workshop.

All in all, they are all great paint and wine classes, and you can be certain to leave with memories never to forget!

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